Self-Publishing, Burnley

We offer a very competitive private publishing service producing high quality digitally printed books in small print runs.  We will type-set your book placing photographs and graphics with a layout to meet your needs.  You can also have your book cover designed by us, and should you require an ISBN we can organise that too. 

Self-Published Book ExampleOpen Self-Published Book

Providing your book for self-publishing

Text can be provided to us as a Word document either via email, CD or memory stick. However, we also offer an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Service if you only have a printed hard copy of your work.

Illustrations can be provided in common electronic formats such as jpegs or we can scan from hard copy for you. 

You must have the rights to publish any text or images.

Self-publishing formats

Books can be produced in a variety of sizes and formats - A5 is the most popular. A4 Portrait is the largest finished size we currently offer. Books can be staple bound or perfect bound. Staple-binding is more suitable for shorter books up to about 60 pages. Perfect binding is suitable for books up to about 250 pages.

The self-publishing process

Once work begins you will have the opportunity to view proofs to ensure that you are getting the design you want before the final print run. Proofs will be provided in both digital and hard copy format.

Self-publishing prices

As book projects are individual please contact us to discuss your requirements and organise a quotation for the work. Once you have had an initial print run, additional print runs can be organised economically should you then require them.