Folded Leaflets Printing, Burnley

An attractive eye-catching leaflet draws attention to your business, event or exhibition and is an effective way to provide information.

We offer flexibility in terms of quantity and design so that you get the product you need.

Folded Leaflet ExampleFolded Leaflet Example

Folded leaflets are typically A4 folded in half or into thirds.

A single fold to A5 creates a four-sided leaflet, or a letter fold to DL creates a six sided or trifold leaflet. We can also accommodate other folding preferences such as z-folds and gate folds.

Paper types for leaflets

Leaflets can be printed on a range of paper types and thicknesses. We offer:

Leaflets design

We can work from artwork supplied or produce bespoke designs. If you provide the artwork please see our guidelines on margins and bleed.

Leaflet printing costs

Prices are for A4 digitally printed leaflets on 150 gsm gloss folded either to DL size or A5 size. Please contact us for further information on leaflet prices.

Quantity Folded to DL Folded to A5
50 £23 £22
100 £33 £32
500 £85 £83

Leaflets are usually zero-rated for VAT purposes.