Sending Your Files

Artwork can be supplied to us by email if the total file size is below 10mb.  All print ready files should be sent to:

For larger files you can use a free file transfer service such as Mail Big File.

You can also drop files off at our shop on memory stick or CD/DVD.

File Formats

We recommend all artwork to be supplied in PDF format (press quality) with all fonts either embedded or converted to outlines.

We are able to accept the following file formats for print:


We require that all artwork includes a bleed area to allow for the margin of error in printing and cutting.  We recommend that all elements in your artwork intended to go to the very edge of your finished job should extend a further 2mm beyond the edge in each direction.

For instance the final size of an A5 flyer is 148.5mm x 210mm.  To include bleed, the artwork would be setup at 152.5mm x 214mm.

Bleed areas can be added in software such as Illustrator and InDesign in the document setup.  Remember to include this bleed area when saving your pdf file.

Safe zone

We also advise having a safe zone of 5mm around the edge of your finished page size.  Keep all important detail (text and images) out of the zone.


All images should be at least 300dpi (dots per inch) at print size in order to be high quality. Images taken from the internet are usually 72dpi and are low in resolution.


Images taken with digital cameras or off the internet normally have an RGB colour profile.  They can look good on screen but must be converted to CMYK for printing which can significantly alter their appearance.  We recommend that you save all embedded images with a CMYK colour profile to give you more control over the conversion.


Please supply us with copies of the fonts used in your artwork or convert text to outline shapes.